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Built to last

We work with the best hydraulics and motors in the world, made specifically to last as long as possible

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Premium Design

We have the best finish, design and quality in our products

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Our warranty

We provide a 30-month warranty on chair structure and a 12-month warranty on upholstery as well as lifetime technical support

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Nautical frabic

For the fabric we use nautical courvin, which is also used for yacht seats. It is ideal for furniture because it is very strong, it is also water resistant, and it is a seamless fabric, which makes it easier to clean the furniture.

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About us

We are a Brazilian industry specialized in the manufacture of furniture for tattooing, micropigmentation, aesthetics, physiotherapy and dermatology with a mission to transform and revolutionize studios.



Nautical Fabric - It is the same fabric used on yachts and boats.
It doesn't lose the color of the fabric, it is anti-flame and anti-mildew, super resistant and waterproof.


We give a 30-month warranty for the bed structure and a 12-month warranty for the upholstery.

Care instructions

We don't recommend using alcohol to clean the products, because it dries out any type of fabric over time, we recommend using mild soap with water or any type of alcohol-free cleaner.