About us

We are a Brazilian industry specialized in the manufacture of furniture for tattooing, micropigmentation, aesthetics, physiotherapy and dermatology with a mission to transform and revolutionize studios, Pontual Group has brought to the market the best comfort and design.

Our story began in 2012 in Brazil in the city of São Paulo, during these 10 years we evolved and became the largest industry in Latin America with a total manufacturing area of ​​almost 15 thousand m², more than 30 thousand customers and almost 100 thousand manufactured items. Today we are present in other countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, New Zealand and Spain.We opened our first store in the United States in 2022.

We constantly seek to deliver the very best in products for the areas we serve, that's why we produce furniture made with carbon steel, which guarantees long-lasting, high-quality electrostatic painting, seamless nautical courvin fabric covering, facilitating cleaning which ensures greater product durability, our basic premise is to avoid as much as possible the use of plastic in our production process and we always seek to reuse and recycle components.

Like everything we do, we make the products uniquely for each customer ensuring that quality is guaranteed. Our furniture is for all tattoo parlors that want to promote experience, design, quality and comfort.

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