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100% automated client bed New Spa

100% automated client bed New Spa

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Crystal Cover (more protection)


Searching for the perfect tattoo client chair procedures? 

Discover the 100% Electric New Spa Table, the solution that will elevate your tattoo practice to a new level. With remarkable features and an incredible cost-effectiveness, this table redefines comfort and versatility for professionals like you.

Imagine How Your Practice Will Be Enhanced:


🔺 Total Control with Adjustable Height: Adjust the height with a touch, providing maximum comfort to your clients.

🔺 Stunning Versatility: The positions of the leg rest and headrest are easily adaptable, meeting all your clients' needs.

🔺 Unmatched Stability: With a solid structure, you'll offer your clients confidence and security.

🔺 Smart Investment: The New Spa Table offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness, allowing you to elevate your practice without draining your finances.

🔺 For All Procedures: Perfect for tattoos and more, the New Spa Table adapts to all esthetic areas, ensuring you become the best in your profession.

🔺 Customized Comfort: The intelligent foam molds to the client's body, providing exceptional comfort during sessions.

🔺 Luxury and Durability: The marine-grade vinyl upholstery adds a touch of sophistication to your space and is incredibly resilient.

Elevate your clients' experience and your professional performance with the 100% Electric New Spa Table. Become a master of tattoo with the versatility, comfort, and reliability you deserve. Don't waste any more time!


Size: W 12 in x L 18 in
Height: 38 | 24 in


12-month warranty with lifetime assistance, meaning that if you need any maintenance or assistance even after the warranty, we offer it!

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