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Saddle Stool PTO 07

Saddle Stool PTO 07

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Featuring an ergonomic saddle-shaped design, this stool promotes correct posture and provides excellent mobility. Its backrest and seat are anatomically designed, crafted from high-quality foam for superior comfort and long-lasting durability. Equipped with a footrest and ultra-soft casters, it offers smooth movement while preventing scratches and floor wear.

Additionally, it offers customizable adjustments, allowing you to set the distance between the backrest and seat to your liking. The height can be effortlessly adjusted with a side lever and a gas-lift system. The stool is constructed with a reinforced tubular carbon steel frame and finished with electrostatic painting for added strength.

Experience the best that Brazil has to offer at Pontual. We bring you top-notch quality, innovative design, sustainable materials, and a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern furniture technology.


Size: W 12 in x L 18 in
Height: 38 | 24 in


12-month warranty with lifetime assistance, meaning that if you need any maintenance or assistance even after the warranty, we offer it!

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