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Electric Tattoo Chair Bed W/ Remote Control PT170

Electric Tattoo Chair Bed W/ Remote Control PT170

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With a modern and functional design, the Electric Tattoo Chair PT 170 has electric height elevation by remote control, reclining backrest and legs with manual adjustment, allowing the tattoo chair to be positioned in several positions, being able to be completely straight up to the armchair position.

With high quality foam of 4.33 in height and covered with seamless Nautical Leather, it is anti-flame  and anti-fungus, which facilitates cleaning and ensures greater durability of the product.

It is worth mentioning that the motor is silent and has a smooth movement, and the casters make it easier to handle and move the product.

In addition, it has a coating on the underside of the tattoo chair, electrostatic painting and a reinforced tubular carbon steel structure, which ensures a firmer and more stable tattoo chair for you and your client.

Optional crystallization (sold separately) completes the product. Enjoy the 13 color options and give that special touch to your studio.

We thought of all this to provide a more comfortable service for you and your customers.

The best that Brazil has to offer in design, quality, raw materials, sustainability, handcrafted techniques and technology in furniture.


  • 12 months 


  • Height: 23.62 to 31.49 in
  • Width: 24.40 in
  • Length: 5.90 ft
  • Supports 551,15 lb


Size: W 12 in x L 18 in
Height: 38 | 24 in


12-month warranty with lifetime assistance, meaning that if you need any maintenance or assistance even after the warranty, we offer it!

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