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Electric Tattoo Chair Bed W/ Remote Control PT17

Electric Tattoo Chair Bed W/ Remote Control PT17

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Crystal cover (more protection)
The bed PT 17 is an adjustable electric model to adjust the remote control and the position of the headboard and heights manually, being able to stay in the height and position for better service.

The need for the tubular base brings stability, its headboard with tapered anomic shape is for procedures where the client's structure is on the back, allowing you to obtain the back and also the flexibility of the face, allowing you to get closer to the client's structure. , as Leggings are split with the position.

Its high-quality foam is intelligent and adapts to the client's body, always returning to its original shape, it is anti-flame and anti-fungal. Its upholstery is covered with nautical leatherette fabric, a material that does not have seams, which facilitates the cleaning of the product.


Nautical Fabric - It is the same fabric used on yachts and boats. 

It doesn't lose the color of the fabric, it is anti-flame and anti-mildew, super resistant and waterproof.


Size: W 24 in x L 6’ 2”ft
Height: 24 | 31 in
Supported Weight: 550 pounds


12-month warranty with lifetime assistance, meaning that if you need any maintenance or assistance even after the warranty, we offer it!

Care instructions

We don't recommend using alcohol to clean the products, because it dries out any type of fabric over time, we recommend using mild soap with water or any type of alcohol-free cleaner.

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